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With Centurion Capital Inc., you are empowered with incomparable strategies and plans to grow your business, financial assets as well as your investments.
We provide tailored corporate structures and private equity plans. We help you flourish and together we succeed.




We provide the best international investing programs to our clients and in that way support them in making accurate investment decisions.
With Centurion Capital Inc. as the backbone, our clients get the best private equity funds, hedge funds, stocks, and direct investments.




Banking is the foundation of any corporate strategy. It can be a big task to make sure that your company is compliant with the most recent regulations and has all the documentation in place ahead of time. With Centurion Capital Inc., your financial foundation is strong and secure.



Centurion Capital.

Centurion Capital Inc. is a global consulting firm, with years of experience in the field of private equity.
We help our clients grow their businesses with our tailor-made plans and hard to get deals.

Our team of experts at Centurion Capital Inc. will ensure your private equity strategy goes smoothly and as planned, which is why we are here for you.

Our solutions are made to fit your unique needs, so that we may succeed together as your businesses flourish.

About CEO


Aravinth Ratnasingam, is a global entrepreneur, leading real estate developer and a renowned film producer. He had his meteoric rise in real estate after a short yet remarkable career in North America and South Asian film industry.

With the growth of his real estate venture, Centurion Capital Inc. launched. Today, with Aravinth as the CEO, Centurion Capital Inc and leading international global consulting firm, creating revolutionary currents in the corporate world.



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